I’m Tim Slater and I’ve been playing guitar for over 30 years. I have worked with and around guitars since 1989, starting in music retail before moving into publishing.

Between 1993 and 1997 I worked as reviews editor for Guitarist Magazine, eventually becoming deputy editor of Guitar Buyer magazine and editor of Playmusic magazine. Between 1997 and 2004 I was also the International Product Demonstrator for Fender Europe and Peavey Europe.

It was always my dream to travel and music has enabled me to perform all over the world. I have played in tiny nightclubs in Reykjavik (Iceland) and a massive football stadium in Lithuania. I have also been very fortunate to perform live with some fantastic musicians including saxophonist Nik Turner (Ex-Hawkwind) and ace drummers Bob Henrit (Argent, The Kinks), Ric Lee (Ten Years After) and Clem Cattini (Everybody!).

Between 2001-2002 I was lead guitarist for UK country artiste Sarah Jory, touring Northern and Eastern Europe and Australia whilst also I played on Sarah’s highly acclaimed country/rock crossover LP What I Really Meant to Say.

Like many guitar players, I found that my ability to play well by 'ear' alone was good enough for a while until I realised that I needed to fill some pretty wide knowledge gaps. In 2014 I gained my Grade 8 in Electric Guitar from RGT in and later that year I also gained a City & Guilds Community Music Project Leader course with CM Sounds in London. I have also taught adult guitar classes at Cambridge Community Arts and a Saturday morning guitar club at Castle Manor School, Haverhill. I currently also teach guitar at several schools in Cambridgeshire and have many private students whose ages range between 7 years old to 70.

In January 2016 I attained my DIP LCM guitar teaching qualification from the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT).

Guitarists are always interested in what gear other guitar players use and why. Here is a list of my equipment, plus check out my Gear Reviews and Tuition web pages featuring some advice on choosing equipment and playing tips.

My equipment:
* Fender Stratocaster
* Fender Telecaster
* Musicman Silhouette
* Takamine acoustic
* Yamaha classical
* Squier Precision bass
* Barnes & Mullins 5-string banjo
* Ukulele
* Mesa/Boogie DC-5
* Boss ME-70
* Various stomp boxes by Boss, Homebrew, Pigtronix…
timguitar and acoustic
timguitar and mesa boogie